Alana de la Cruz

Alana is a Singer, #1 International Best-Selling Author, Transformational Speaker for Women & Youth, Multi-Entrepreneur and the Founder of SOLWIN TV, an empowering ROKU TV network made by women for women. As a two-time survivor of domestic violence and abuse, her mission is to inspire women, teens, and children to know their value, gain self-confidence and discover their true calling in life. Her mission is to exemplify good values and excellent character within “The World of Aquadonia” book series, while emphasizing a much-needed message of unity, equality, diversity, and love in every illustration.

“The World of Aquadonia” Book Trailer



Do you believe in an underwater world full of mermaids and mermen? Jump into an adventure with Princess Alana as she tries to prove to her family and her entire kingdom that The World of Aquadonia is real! Alana encounters sneaky pirates, beautiful sea creatures and the Mystical Mermaid Necklace.

Come along for the journey to see if Princess Alana can unlock the secret powers of the legendary Necklace of Aquadonia!


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