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Why ?

Roku accounts for 54% of all streaming hours in the US…

As there has become an increased demand for home entertainment since the pandemic, Internet TV broadcasting has become the new way for YouTubers and content creators to make their presence known and broaden their viewing audience quickly and exponentially. SOLWIN Channel (Shining Our Light Women’s Inspiration Network) is an upcoming Christian Women’s Network running on the largest and fastest growing streaming platform, Roku. Currently the Roku Channel is the home for free and premium news and entertainment and in Q4 2020 reached U.S. households with an estimated 61.8 million people. The Roku Channel experienced rapid growth in Q4 2020 doubling household reach year over year and was a top 10 channel in both streaming hours and active accounts. Roku’s viewers spend an average of 4 hours per day on its platform. A growing percentage of those users are using one of Roku’s Smart TV’s, which accounts for about 1 in 3 smart TV sales in the U.S. Roku accounts for 54% of all streaming hours in the US which is higher than their competitor, Amazon Fire.





About SOLWIN Channel

We are a Christian network that stands on integrity & faith in God as its central core. We endeavor to promote products, services, and content that aligns with our values and overall mission to bring wholeness, hope, value, encouragement and peace to each of our viewers. We boldly stand for truth, freedom of speech without use of derogatory language or hateful acts & love all people of every race, religion, level of education, and socio-economic status. Our overall mission is for each viewing audience member to watch SOLWIN and turn off their TV feeling better in their souls.
Our world is in DESPERATE need of positive content with all that has transpired in the aftermath of 2020 pandemic & many other tragic events. We believe that SOLWIN is God’s great media vessel of HIS good news to those that need to believe that GOOD does still happen and GOD is still ruling and reigning on His throne with great plans for each person to fulfill.

Our heart-centered purpose is to bring women, especially of those who have survived abuse or trauma, to a safe gathering place where they feel valued and worthy of love through various subjects that are close to women’s hearts. We also desire to see them fully healed and restored while growing spiritually by the teaching of God’s Word & the hearing of uplifting stories of God’s goodness and great LOVE. Jesus Christ is the name that is preached and brings a unifying bond amongst every viewer feeling a true bond and a genuinely connected TV family.


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Great! What else is included for Content Creators?

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We handle all channel management

Loading of all hours of content into Uploader once a month

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Easy Monthly payments available — emailed PayPal invoice

Ability to be commitment free on a month-to-month basis only

Apply to SOLWIN

We are currently accepting applications for FUTURE SOLWIN LADIES.  If you are interested in having your own show or would like commercial airtime for your business or ministry, please follow the steps below.  If we feel like you are a good fit for SOLWIN, we will then contact you to schedule a Zoom call where we can interview you “face to face” and get to know you a bit better. SOLWIN will be the very first Christian Domestic Violence and Anti-Abuse Against Women & Children network dedicated to the healing and restoration of all survivors across the globe. Official Launch Date is set for June 1st, 2021!

Ready to change the world with your Internet TV presence?

 Here are the next steps:

  1. Please fill out the JotForm application. APPLY NOW 
  2. Once you have submitted your application, please allow up to 48 hrs for initial review.
  3. After passing review, we will then reach out to you via email to set up a  Zoom meeting

  **Prices will be discussed during the Zoom call as pricing is quoted according to a number of determining factors. If you contact me to inquire about pricing prior to filling out your application on JotForm, I will not have enough information to give you a sufficient quote. I can assure you that my pricing is VERY affordable and reasonable. Therefore, it’s vitally important to not skip the application process prior to hearing about specific prices. 


welcome the pioneers of solwin

After much prayer and consideration, we are pleased to announce the “Founding Pioneers” of SOLWIN!! Watch out for these Ladies– they are BOLD, BRAVE, BRIGHT and BURNING with FIRE in their hearts to see Heaven come to Earth even through MEDIA!

Get ready, world! These are HISTORY-MAKERS for JESUS! 




clip of A SOLWIN show

INTRO for “The Power of Forgiveness” Show