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    Shining Our Light Women’s Inspiration Network

    The diamond logo represents every woman who has endured the fires and pressures of a traumatic experience only to come out refined, stronger, more beautiful and bolder than she ever has before.

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    Shining Our Light Women’s Inspiration Network
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    You're a Diamond<br>From the Rough

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Are you wanting to come out of the 2020 slump?
Has 2020 left you broke, busted and disgusted and yet you deeply desire to turn around prosperous in every area before the end of the year?

Then SOLWIN Success Academy is for you!

Sign up as a SOLWIN Success Academy Member below to get the first course, “Prospering Soul to Prosperous Life 101” at the exclusive membership rate. I am so excited to have you join our community of “Diamonds”!

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Terms & Conditions
Each new membership plan ordered during the 1st-8th of every month will begin the same month
Each new membership plan ordered the 9th of the month or after will not begin receiving monthly offerings until the 1st of the following month.
Diamond Book Club packages and SOLWIN Subscription boxes will be shipped out every 10th of the month
Memberships can be cancelled at any time and all sales are final.


Diamond Book Club

Each month, we will feature a Diamond author’s book. SOLWIN Success Academy endeavors to support our “shining survivors” by promoting their powerful testimonies and sharing their life wisdom.

SOLWIN Private Facebook Group

Be warmly welcomed to our private Facebook home! We reserve this space exclusively for members of SOLWIN Success Academy. This is a safe place to share, meet and grow with others as you journey down your pathway of success together.

LIVE Monthly Webinar

Receive a zoom link in your inbox every month and join Alana for her monthly webinar. Each webinar is designed according to what your survey says. Topics will vary for this reason and will allow for members to continue conversation within the private Facebook group.

Weekly Prep for Success Virtual Meetings

These weekly LIVE women’s group meetings will be held each Sunday. The purpose is to provide a place where each member can share their wins, being celebrated by like-minded women who believe in each other’s value and worth. Come prepared with your completed mini-assignment given the week prior. Listen. Learn. Share. Shine & Grow.

Rise & Shine Pocket Coaching

Wake up to an encouraging voice text from Alana to get your day to start off on that right note. Sent randomly, each 2-3 minute pocket coaching will help tackle every lie of the enemy and bring clarity, strength and boldness to carry on your day with power and grace.

Weekly Email Encouragements

Alana will send out weekly boosts of encouragement at the start of every week on Monday. She will encourage you in the Lord to keep fighting the good fight of faith and to never give up on your dreams.

Subscription Box

Each box is mailed out on the 10th of each month. We assemble a handmade subscription box exclusively for you each month. inside we’ll provide your Diamond Book Club book plus a members only letter focusing on 1 specific topic, scripture or actionable word for the month that every member will collectively put together.

Webinar Replays

Upgrade to Gold to have the convenience of webinar replays. This is most beneficial for the business woman on the run or the busy mom that needs to listen when all the kids are down for bed. These archives are also great to store up in your library for reference in the time of need.

Success Academy Mini-Courses & e-Workbooks

This series of mini-courses is at the very heart of the mission and purpose of SOLWIN Success Academy. Scroll below to see a description of the first FOUR foundational courses that each member is greatly encouraged to take.

Airtime on SOLWIN Channel

Be a part of this extraordinary groundbreaking opportunity to be part of the first airtime holders within SOLWIN Channel. You must apply to be selected as each broadcaster must align with the mission and purpose of SOLWIN Channel. If selected, you will have your own channel slot with a maximum of 5 hrs of content each day running 7 days a week. APPLY NOW to receive an application via email. Once application is submitted, please allow up to 72 hrs for review and response.



Prospering Soul to Prosperous Life (101)

If you want all the success you deserve, it begins with a prosperous soul. Learn about the three parts of your soul- your mind, will and emotions and how they all play a major role in the success of your health, relationships and finances! Learn how to turn your pain into your passionate purpose.

Back to the Drawing Board (201)

Once you have discovered your purpose, this course will assist you in drawing out the plans. Learn the 3 different types of drawing boards– Vision Board, Clarity Board and Action & Goal Board. Writing out these poster boards will help you see them every day on your wall to motivate you and propel you quickly towards your destiny.

Design My Life (301)

Now that we have covered all Vision, Clarity & Goals written, the next step is to create an actionable plan. When building a house, it is known that the builder must start with laying down the foundation first. In this course, you will learn all the basics and how to apply all these outlined steps in order for your foundation of life to be strong. Without a strong and solid foundation, your house will not stand!

Business Creation Lab (401)

After laying out your solid rock foundation, it is now time to build the life God has always desired you to have. It’s time to create your business! This will be unlike ANY other online business course you have taken because this is a God-inspired plan to build a 6-figure business. God doesn’t want you to prosper out of a heart of greed, but instead a heart of compassion and desire to give to those less fortunate. Your financial prosperity will allow for you to give freely out of abundance and overflow. It’s time to get wealthy and use the gifts & talents he’s given you to bless the world!

SOLWIN stands for “Shining Our Light Women’s Inspiration Network” and the diamond logo represents every woman who has endured the fires and pressures of a traumatic experience only to come out refined, stronger, more beautiful and bolder than she ever has before. She will arise more confident and more powerful using the gifts that God has given her to share with the world.

SOLWIN stands for a mission of winning IN OUR SOULS first because a RESTORED soul becomes a flow of life not just for yourself, but to others.

SOLWIN promotes a completely different way of life, way of thinking, believing and speaking than what you have ever known. It’s a whole new culture of loving radically, life giving, wholeness and abundance. We are endeavoring to be the new generation of influence to this entire world!

SOLWIN Success Academy is dedicated to educating, encouraging and inspiring women survivors of violence and abuse around the globe. SOLWIN believes in the power of a prosperous soul and how it affects every area of life– financially, physically, mentally and socially. We are dedicated to teaching faith based methods of healing to see an increase of each woman’s self-worth, self-confidence and a sense of security. We endeavor to help women rediscover the path and purpose after trauma and lead them to a radical change for the most successful, fulfilling, healthy and prosperous life they can possibly have.

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