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I would like to present you with an amazing marketing opportunity and the new wave of the future—Internet TV broadcasting. SOLWIN Channel (Shining Our Light Women’s Inspiration Network) is an upcoming Christian Women’s Network running on the largest and fastest growing streaming platform, Roku. Currently at 43 million active accounts, Roku’s viewers spend an average of 4 hours per day on its platform. A growing percentage of those users are using one of Roku’s Smart TV’s, which accounts for about 1 in 3 smart TV sales in the U.S. Roku accounts for 54% of all streaming hours in the US which is higher than their competitor, Amazon Fire.

About SOLWIN Channel:

We are a Christian network that stands on integrity & faith in God as its central core. We refuse to promote any product, service or content that does not align with our values and overall mission to bring wholeness, value, encouragement and peace to each of our viewers. We endeavor to stand for truth, freedom of speech without use of derogatory language or hateful acts & love all people of every race, religion, level of education, gender identity, sexual orientation, political views and socio-economic status. Our purpose is to bring women to a safe gathering place where they feel valued and worthy of love. We endeavor to see them grow spiritually by the teaching of God’s Word & encouraged by the uplifting stories of God’s goodness. Jesus Christ is the name that is preached and brings a unifying bond amongst every viewer feeling a true bond and a genuinely connected TV family.

Why choose SOLWIN Channel?

  • Get ahead of your competition and stop struggling to be seen in an overcrowded ad space on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Start working smarter not harder for less money!
  • Run your commercial ads for a fraction of the cost of Facebook or YouTube ads
  • Local, Regional and National ad reach
  • Provide affordable 1-time payments and easy payment plan options.
  • No hidden fees.
  • Simple application process and enrollment procedures
  • Commercial plays to your target Video on Demand (VOD) audience
  • Sign a 1 year contract and we will promise to never surprise you with increase of rates as viewership rises.


Great! Now, what’s the Cost?

We are happy to announce our Black Friday rates starting Sunday, November 22nd and ending November 30th.

  • Be assigned to one Video on Demand (VOD) category
  • We handle all channel management
  • Loading of all hours of content into Uploader once a week
  • Advertisements are permitted within your content
  • Running on all content on a continual loop
  • Total of 5 hours of content a per day = 35 hours of content per week
  • Ability to add up to 4 new hours of content a week to replace old content
  • Easy Monthly payments available via emailed PayPal invoice
  • Sign a 1 year contract to renew at same rate the following year**
  • Ability to be commitment free on a month to month basis only

*** Black Friday 1 year contract sale price is not a renewal rate. Only the regular annual price is renewable.

Ready to change the world with your Internet TV presence?

Here are the next steps:

  • Tell us which package and payment plan you would prefer
  • Tell us if you want Annual or Monthly Payment Plan
  • Fill out your application
  • Once you have submitted your application, please allow up to 72 hrs for review
  • We will email you our decision at that time along with contract to sign (if applicable) and PayPal invoice to be paid at the time of receipt

We would love for you to join our groundbreaking launch. We are striving to launch before Christmas, so the quicker we gather more broadcasters for various VOD channel content, the quicker we will be able to premiere in a massive way!

Looking forward to working with you and making a safe place for all Christian women to be nourished and refreshed in the Lord!



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